Technical constraints

  • The domain name must be between 2 and 63 characters long.
  • The domain name may contain the following characters, letters and numbers: a-ö, 0-9 and hyphen (-), as well as the characters of the Sámi language spoken in Finland.
    • Hyphen may not be used as the first or last character of the domain name.
    • The third and fourth characters may not be hyphens.
  • The domain name may not be based on another's protected name or trademark. See these registers here.

Good to know about ÄÖÅ -characters

Some email and web hosting software does not recognise ÄÖÅ -characters. This can lead to domain inactivity. We recommend registering a domain that does not contain ÄÖÅ.

FI -domain name legality

Each domain name user is responsible for the legality of the domain name they register. The domain name must not infringe on the protected name or trademark of another party. You can lose the domain name you have registered if the holder of the infringed name or trademark demands it.

Before registering a domain name, check with public registers that it does not infringe another person's name or trademark protected in Finland and the EU.

Protected names or trademarks include:

Please read the official Traficom guidance on this before registering a domain name.

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