DNSSEC service

DNSSEC significantly improves security by ensuring that every visitor to a website is sure to find their way to the right page, not a fake one. DNSSEC can be deployed with our web hosting service.

Support request for deployment

We use the AWS Route 53 service for DNS management. For this reason, the DNSSEC service cannot be automatically enabled. To enable the DNSSEC service, please create a new support request to our support team and ask for DNSSEC service enablement. Our support team will activate the DNSSEC settings for your domain.

You will receive a confirmation from our support team when DNSSEC has been successfully activated.

Enabling DNSSEC with an external DNS service

If you want to activate DNSSEC but you are using an external DNS service, please follow the DNSSEC instructions provided by your service provider. Once you have updated the DS records in your DNS service then please submit the same records to Tuonetti's customer service and we will activate them in the domain name registry.

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